Covid-19 Help - Nagpur
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Bed Availability This data is maintained by NMC, and is never updated in time. Please verify the availability by calling or visiting in person.
Remdesivir It is allotted to hospitals only, because of the shortage. Hospital-wise allottment is updated here.
NMC - Daily Notices
Updated COVID Guidelines Google Drive Link
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NMC Control Room Contact
Ambulance +917122551417
Hospital Beds +917122567021
Oxygen & Medicine +917122551866

General Contacts

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Service Name Contact Comments
Mental Health / E-counselling Dear Mind
Register for Free Session
Mental Health / E-counselling Vandrevala Foundation +917304599836
For emergencies or crisis situation
Mental Health / E-counselling Adeeba Qureshi +918291195590
Clinical Psychologist
Telephonic Sessions 300Rs/session
Fabiflu Bappa Medico Sagar Tuptewar
Prashant Wanjari
Manewada Ring Road, Manewada Chowk, Ulhas Nagar, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440024
Fabiflu Sanjeevan Medical +919518915625
200mg, 400mg, 800mg
Zenda Chowk, Mahal, Nagpur
Fabiflu & Other Medicines HERD Pharmacy Chain +919307300093
Free Home Delivery Available
Favipiravir SMD pharmacy +918421649714
Fabiflu Vyankatesh Medical Store +919404788041
Ward no.8, Main road, Kalmeshwar
Fabiflu Shyam Joshi +919823456093
Fabiflu Zoher Ali +919325255750
Fabiflu Subodh Khade +918805596114
Hospital GMC, Nagpur +917122740554
Medical Square
Hospital IGGMC, Nagpur +919308492168
Central Avenue
Hospital AIIMS, Nagpur +919404044944
Hospital NCI, Jamtha Nagpur +917122800400
Hospital Lata Mangeshkar Medical College +919822802777
Hospital Shalini Tai Meghe Medical College +919146032883
Hospital Wockhardt Hospital +919823325991
1643, Rashtrabhasha Sankul, North Amazari Road, Shankar Nagar Square, Nagpur
Hospital Rediance Hospital +919823039873
268, Central Avenue, Near Dr. Ambedkar Square, Wardhaman Nagar, Nagpur
Hospital Hope Hospital +919373111709
Plot No. 2, Behind Go Gas, Teka Naka, Kamptee Road, Nagpur
Hospital Seven Star Hospital +918983114466
324/1, Great Nag Road, Nagpur
Hospital Central Hospital +919371266664
Ramdaspeth, Nagpur
Hospital Shree Bhavani Hospital +919823943247
Mouza Punapur, Khasra No. 58, Nagpur
Hospital Kingsway Hospital +917620694142
Plot No. 44, Kingsway, Near Kasturchand Park, Nagpur
Hospital Kunal Hospital +919823020409
Koradi Main Road, Mankapur, Nagpur
Hospital East End Hospital (managed by New Era Hospital) +919595477780
1208/737, Central Avenue, Deshpande Lay-out, Adarsh Nagar, Nagpur
Hospital Alexis Multispeciality Hospital +919049990153
1313, Survey No. 232, Manakapur, Chhindwada Road, Nagpur
Hospital Ganga Care Hospital (A unit of Care Hospitals) +919370186120
H. No. 7/01, 3, Farmland Ground Floor, Panchsheel Square, Wardha Road, Ramdaspeth, Nagpur
Hospital Shri Radhakrishna Hospital & Research Institute +919326930308
74-A, East Wadhaman Nagar, Nagpur
Hospital Lata Mangeshkar Hospital +919049552345
Hingna Road, Hingna
Hospital Vidharbha Institute of Medical Sciences (VIMS) +919823092208
Kamptee Road, LIC Square, Mohan Nagar, Nagpur
Hospital CIIMS Hospital & Medical Research Centre +918055706033
88/2, Bajaj Nagar, Nagpur
Hospital Viveka Super Speciality Hospital & Research Centre +919823058449
Plot No. 1-A, Naik Lay-out, Subhash Nagar, Nagpur
Hospital Meditrina Institute of Medical Science +918668458637
Plot No. 278, Lendra Park Central Bazar Road, Ramdaspeth, Nagpur
Hospital Cure It Hospital +917350008411
226, Dighori Uddan Pul Square, Ring Road, Nagpur
Hospital Shatayu Hospital +919822565161
Wardha Road, Near Hitavada Press, Nagpur
Hospital Getwell Hospital +917126632200
20/1, Dr. Khare Marg, Dhantoli, Nagpur
Hospital Sushrut Institute of Medical Science +919422103435
30-A, Central Bazar Road, Ramdaspeth, Nagpur
Hospital Ramdeobaba Rukhminidevi Memorial Multi-Speciality Hospital +919665339997
Plot No. 61/62, Small Factory Area, Opp. Bhandara Road, Power House, Lakadganj, Nagpur
Hospital Wockhardt Hospital (New) +918446178322
Gandhi Nagar, Nagpur
Hospital Shraman Multi-Speciality Hospital & Critical Care Centre +919373213797
3, Gurunankpura, Dr. Ambedkar Road, Nagpur
Hospital Venus Critical Care Hospital +919822233167
Plot No. 607, Keshav Apartment, 3rd & 4th Floor, 10 No. Pulia, Kamptee Road, Nagpur
Hospital Ayushman Hospital +917030974619
4th Floor, Shreewardhan Complex, Ramdaspeth, Wardha Road, Nagpur
Hospital Respira Hospital +919561098334
5th Floor, Plot No. 5, Shri Radheya Health Heights, Central Bazar Road, Ramdaspeth, Nagpur
Hospital Central Avenue Critical Care Hospital +917122763292
Mahalaxmi Complex, Darodkar Sq., Central Avenue, Gandhibag, Nagpur
Hospital Dande Hospital +919823045533
69-A, Hill Road, Ram Nagar, Nagpur
Hospital Avanti Institute of Cardiology Pvt. Ltd. +917122422408
5, Abhyankar Road, Dhantoli, Nagpur
Hospital Orange City Hospital +917122238431
19, Pande Lay-out, Veer Sawarkar Square, Nagpur
Hospital Aurius Institute of Medical Sciences Pvt Ltd +918484800969
Plot No. 16, Wanjari Nagar, Medical College Road, Nagpur
Hospital Suretech Hospital Jamtha Branch +919922965879
Jamtha, Nagpur
Hospital Samarpan Hospital +919850312464
1072/1073, Binaki Lay-out, Sujata Nagar, Near Vaishali Nagar T-Point, Kamptee Road, Nagpur
Hospital Icon Hospital +919822239277
K-12, Kinkhede Lay-out, Bharat Nagar, Amravati Road, Nagpur
Hospital Sengupta Hospital +919923190925
Ravi Nagar Square, Nagpur
Hospital Centre Point Hospital +919823051508
Medical College Square, Nagpur
Hospital Neuron Hospital +919890532106
Behind Dhantoli Police Station, Dhantoli, Nagpur
Hospital Indira Gandhi Rugnalay (NMC) +919049009127
LAD Square, Nagpur
Hospital Sunflower Hospital +919822200308
Maya-3, East High Court Road, Ramdaspeth, Nagpur
Hospital Shree Hospital +919325614181
Om Nagar, Sakkardara, Opp. Tajshree Honda, Nagpur
Hospital Keshav Hospital +919975640310
117, Manewada Square, Ring Road, Nagpur
Hospital Krims Hospital +919822466640
Plot No. 275, Central Bazar Road, Ramdaspeth, Nagpur
Hospital Treat Me Hospital +919373106495
Hindustan Colony
Hospital Kalpavruksha Hospital +919823050572
Near Chatrapati Chowk, Ring Road
Hospital Grace Ortho Hospital +918275008132
Hospital Nucleus Mother & Child Hospital +919823532545
Hotel - Care Centre Heritage Embassy +917887332289
MIDC, Hingna Road
Hotel - Care Centre Royal (Chanakya) Hall
Capacity - 25 Beds
O2 level - 90 and above
HRCT - 10 and below

Reshimbag chowk, Umred Road Nagpur
Hotel - Care Centre Jattewar Sabhagruha
Capacity - 60 Beds
Sumit Pathak
New Nadanvan
Hotel - Care Centre Hotel Orient Avenue
Capacity - 72 Rooms
Mr. Jagannath Chettiyar
Mohd Afzal Mitha
CA Road, Opp. IGGMC, Nagpur-18
Hotel - Care Centre Hotel RSVP Nagpur
Capacity - 16 Rooms
Mr. Shreyas Nerkar
5, Adhyapak Lay-Out Hingna Road Nagpur-22
Hotel - Care Centre Hotel The Legend Inn
Capacity - 13 Rooms
Mr. Ranjan Gupta

14, Morden Society, Wardha Road Opp. Nagpur Airport, Nagpur-25
Hotel - Care Centre Hotel Woodlands
Capacity - 16 Rooms
Mr. Deepak Khurana
Mr. Rahul
Miss Aishwarya
51,Central Avenue Raod Nagpur-18
Hotel - Care Centre Hotel Darshan Tower
Capacity - 16 Rooms
Mr. Dhirendra Shukla
Mr. Rahul Gawali
60, Central Avenue Raod Nagpur-18
Hotel - Care Centre Hotel Signature Inn
Capacity - 41 Rooms
Mr. Sharik Hafiz
Miss Pooja Harde

28, Central Avenue, Nagpur-02
Hotel - Care Centre Hotel Dua Continental
Capacity - 25 Rooms
Dr. Mona Hinduja
Mount Road Extension, Kamptee Road, Nagpur-1
Hotel - Care Centre Hotel Flexi Stays
Capacity - 14 Rooms
Dr. Dolly K.Taywade
Mr.Manish Hatwar
Panchsheel Square, Dhantoli, Nagpur-12
Hotel - Care Centre Hotel Satya
Capacity - 24 Rooms
Dr. Suresh Bhatte
Dr. Ajay
Plot No. 223, Surya Nagar, Kalman Market Road, Nagpur-35
Hotel - Care Centre Hotel K.P. INN
Capacity - 15 Rooms
Mr. Sumit
Dr. Sushant
Plot No.02 West Samrath Nagar Ajani Square, Wardha Road, Nagpur-15
Hotel - Care Centre Hotel Restr INN
Capacity - 22 Rooms
Mr. Bobode
Dr. Shilpa B. Agane

326, Nagar Vikas Society, Narendra Nagar, Nagpur-15
Hotel - Care Centre Hotel Center Point,
Capacity - 150 Beds

Kingsway Hosp.
Ramdas peth, Nagpur
Hotel - Care Centre Kusumtai Sbhagruh
Capacity - 24 Beds
Dr. George Fernandes
Viveka Hosp.
Hotel - Care Centre Radhakrishna Caritable Trust
Capacity - 150 Beds
Shri Govind Poddar
Shri Harish Arawal
Vrundavandham, Wardhman Nagar-08
Hotel - Care Centre Pujya Lakadganj Sindhi Panchayat
Capacity - 150 Beds
Shri Govind Poddar
Shri Harish Arawal
Sindhu Bhawan 74, B East Wardhaman Nagar, Nagpur
Hotel - Care Centre Shri Sawalakhe
Capacity - 30 beds
Dr. Pratik Barai

46 Kh. No. 82/10, the weaker Section Co-hsg.Soci., Narendra Nagar, Nagpur
Hotel - Care Centre Hotel LB
Capacity - 26 Rooms
VIMS Hospital
Hotel - Care Centre Bakade Celebration Hall
Capacity - 80 Beds
Shri Akshya Arun Hete
Shau Garden, Manewada Road, Nagpur
Hotel - Care Centre Ramlila Convent
Capacity - 23 Beds
Dr. Manish Patil
Sant Tukdoji Nagar, Bank Colony, Narsala Road, Nagpur
Hotel - Care Centre Mango Hotel
Capacity - 44 Rooms
Shri Sachin Khawase
25,CA Road, Nagpur-18
Hotel - Care Centre Hotel Kushna
Capacity - 31 Rooms
Shri Sachin Khawase
31, New Cotton Market Lay-Out Nagpur-18
Hotel - Care Centre Hotel Brij Inn
Capacity - 30 Rooms
Shri Tushar Khurana
Shri Krunal Fulzele
ST. Bus stand Near Khurana Travels, Nagpur-14
Hotel - Care Centre Uttam Residency
Capacity - 20 Beds
Dr. Tamseel Khan
Near Baba Travels, Wardha Road Nagpur
RTPCR Testing NMC Control Room +917122567021
RTPCR Testing GMC +919850170044
Dr. Sunanda Shrikhande
RTPCR Testing IGGMC +917721910747
Dr. Sharmila Raut
RTPCR Testing Raveena Gawli +918669866295
Home Visit
RTPCR Testing Dhruv Pathology +919822572421
Dr. Shailendra Mundhada
RTPCR Testing Lata Mangeshkar Hospital +919923560000
Dr. Vedant Rathi
RTPCR Testing Suvishwas Lab +919422145591
Dr. Sandhya Saoji
RTPCR Testing Kingsway Hospital +919604321663
Dr. Anuradha Deshmukh
RTPCR Testing IRL +918999556319
Dr. Dongre
RTPCR Testing MAFSU Vet College +919766788615
Dr. Sandeep Choudhary
RTPCR Testing NEERI +917588887569
Krishna Khairnar
RTPCR Testing Metropolis Congress Nagar +917122441021
Dr Smita Deshkar
RTPCR Testing Nagpur Reference Pathology Lab (NRPL) +917030021051
Dr Gawali
RTPCR Testing Meditrina Institue of Medical Sciences +919552552152
Dr Shweta Kawalkar
RTPCR Testing Bio Path Diagnostics +917378779204
Dr Dinesh Agarwal
RTPCR Testing Magnum Lifesciences +919552642222
RTPCR Testing Dr Lal Pathology Lab +917775010201
Vaccination Sengupta Hospital +918408805005
Ravi Nagar Chowk, Nagpur
Vaccination Medicare Hospital +919834726650
Mankapur Square Nagpur
Vaccination Icon Hospital +919168438222
Amravati Road, Nagpur
Vaccination Mogre Children Hospital +919850303372
Sakkardara Umred Road Nagpur
Vaccination RST Hospital +917588691559
Tukdoji Square, Nagpur
Vaccination Lata Mangeshkar Sitabuldi, Nagpur
Vaccination Baraskar Hospital & Research Center +919561659285
Ramdaspeth, Nagpur
Vaccination Gilurkar Hospital +919604527290
Sakkardara Umred Road, Nagpur
Vaccination Kunal Hospital +919923303830
Mankapur Square, Nagpur
Vaccination Cure It +919422142125
Dighori Chowk, Nagpur
Vaccination Hope Hospital +919373111709
Teka Naka, Kamptee Road, Nagpur
Vaccination New Era Hospital +919560923922
Telephone Exchange Chowk, Nagpur
Vaccination Sushrut Hospital +919822222000
Ramdaspeth, Nagpur
Vaccination Center Point Hospital +919372383192
Medical Chowk, Nagpur
Vaccination VIMS Hospital +919890012876
Old Kamptee Road, Nagpur
Vaccination Radiance Hospital +919372404596
Wardhman Nagar, Nagpur
Vaccination Arneja Hospital +919822203256
Ramdaspeth, Nagpur
Vaccination Keshav Hospital +918087966641
Manewada Road, Nagpur
Vaccination Platina Hospital +917263887272
Sitabuldi, Nagpur
Vaccination Spandan Hospital +919850633204
Dhantoli, Nagpur
Vaccination Apulaki Hospital +919860471690
Manewada Road, Nagpur
Vaccination Shree Radhakrishna +917738188721
Wardhman Nagar, Nagpur
Vaccination Criti Care Hospital +919823939000
Sitabuldi, Nagpur
Vaccination Bhavani Hospital +917020125296
Pardi, Nagpur
Vaccination Mure Memorial Hospital +919595145303
Sitabuldi, Nagpur
Vaccination Suraj Eye Intitute +919822259340
New Colony, Sadar Nagpur
Vaccination Midas Hospital +919850304970
Ramdaspeth, Nagpur
Vaccination Seven Star Hospital +918983114466
Jagnade Chowk, Nagpur
Vaccination Wockhardt Hospital +919158883188
Shankar Nagar Chowk, Nagpur
Vaccination Lotus Hospital +919421090327
Station Road, Nagpur-440 009
Vaccination Satayu Hospital +919370085475
Dhantoli, Nagpur-440 012
Vaccination Arogyam Hospital +918237168000
34, Sita Nagar, Wardha Road, Nagpur
Vaccination Janta Maternity Home & Hospital +917507306857
Jaripatka, Nagpur-440 014
Vaccination Mahatme Eye Hospital +919371203410
Rajiv Nagar Road, Somalwada Road, Nagpur
Vaccination HCG Cancer Hospital +917767008333
Ring Road, Near Automotive Sq, Binaki, Nagpur
Vaccination KRIMS HOSPITAL +919225249115
Ramdaspeth, Nagpur
Vaccination Columbia Hospital +917030265890
Dhantoli, Nagpur
Vaccination Chaudhary Hospital +918600141146
Sakkardara, Umred Road, Bhande Plot Chowk, Nagpur
Vaccination Crescent Hospital & Heart Centre +919766140577
Dhantoli, Nagpur
Vaccination G. T. Padole Hospital +919823014750
Hingna T Point
Vaccination Care Hospital +919423623456
Panchasheel Chowk
Blood/Plasma JEEVAN JYOTI BLOOD BANK +917122230876
Blood Dr. HEDGEWAR BLOOD BANK +917122528292
Blood/Plasma LIFELINE BLOOD BANK +917126686666
Blood AYUSH BLOOD BANK +917122440236
Plasma Rtn. Sandeep Vaid +919022842455
Rotary Club Nagpur
Plasma Rtn. Prashish Charde +919096084841
Rotary Club Nagpur
Plasma Rtn. Mohmmad Master +919822940792
Rotary Club Nagpur
Plasma Rtn. Abhishek Goyal +917020844518
Rotary Club Nagpur
Plasma Rtn. Saloni Bhagwani +917666190051
Rotary Club Nagpur
Plasma Rtn. Harshit Jain +917773952341
Rotary Club Nagpur
Plasma Rtr. Yash Goyal +918208682804
Rotary Club Nagpur
Ambulance KRIMS - Dilip +919881512297
Ambulance Mayo (IGMC) - Naveen +918055203428
Ambulance Nitin NCC +919637669338
Ambulance Om Sai Ambulance / Abhishek Rana +919890889911
Ambulance New Era +917721988001
Ambulance Shahid +919326477719
Ambulance Prashant +919850311168
Ambulance Helix - Sudip +919112066994
Ambulance Sagar Sharma +919766364606
Ambulance Mr Patil +919021830562
Ambulance Vijay Dhadse +919923800111
Ambulance Life First Services +917888008575
Ambulance Sheel Ambulance / Sanju Wankhede +919960193811
Ambulance CA Group Helpline / CA Neeraj Agrawal +919822701101
Ambulance JCI Orange City / Ashish Agrawal +919145866616
Ambulance Lions / Harish Gupta +919823083962
Ambulance Rotary Club Nagpur Ishanya / RTN Yogesh Malpani +919823131161
Ambulance Ambulance Agresar +917030000201
Physiotherapy Dr. Purva
Free Physiotherapy Sessions to COVID patients and COVID survivors
Respiratory Physiotherapy Dr. Anuradha Punyani +919373409269
FREE respiratory physiotheraphy, tele-consultation, and rehabilitation to all COVID-19 patients.
Doctor Dr. Lalita Kedia +919421759693
Online/Telephonic Consultation
10am - 6pm
Doctor Dr. Nivedita Khair +919421759693
Online/Telephonic Consultation
Cardiologist and consultant Physician
500/-per consultation and 2000/-for 15days
Doctor Dr. Vishwas Dashaputra +919822676631
Online/Telephonic Consultation
Doctor Dr. Rajesh Swarnakar, +919271276116
Online/Telephonic Consultation
Doctor Dr. Meraj Sheikh +919890222505
Online/Telephonic Consultation
5000/- for 15 days
Doctor Dr. Nikhita Rajkondawar +919552555677
Online/Telephonic Consultation
3500 for 14 days
Doctor Dr. Sumit Jagyasi +919922241699
Online/Telephonic Consultation
2000/-(10 days)
Doctor Dr. Arti Dharaskar +919823154927
Online/Telephonic Consultation
645/-(per consultation)
Doctor Apollo Clinic +918669631919
Online/Telephonic Consultation
6999/-(14 days)
Doctor Dr. Ritu Dargan(Gynac) +919922354646
Online/Telephonic Consultation
500/-(per consultation)
Doctor Dr. Pankaj Aggrawal(Pediatrician) +919960880446
Online/Telephonic Consultation
1000/-(per consultation)
Doctor Dr. Tarachand Kalwani +919425467798
Online/Telephonic Consultation
Doctor Dr. Swaddha Kotpalliwar (Gynac) +919689892912
Online/Telephonic Consultation
500/-(per consultation)
Doctor Dr. Pavan +919730398371
Online/Telephonic Consultation
750/-to 1000/-(per consultation)
Doctor Dr. Disha Methwani +918983311665
Online/Telephonic Consultation
24 hours
3000/-(14 days)
Doctor Dr. Snehal Pandav +917249177994
Online/Telephonic Consultation
10.30am -12.30pm
250/-(per consultation)
Doctor Dr. Umare +917020796148
Online/Telephonic Consultation
500/-(per consultation)
Doctor Dr. Vivek Gupta +919373115548
Online/Telephonic Consultation
500/-(per consultation)
Doctor Dr. Sushma Deshmukh(Gynac) +919422103443
Online/Telephonic Consultation
400/-(per consultation)
Doctor Dr. Sonia(Pune) +918419922255
Online/Telephonic Consultation
650/-(per consultation)
Doctor Dr. Sanjay Sharma +919479726535
Online/Telephonic Consultation
24 hours
200/-(per consultation)
Doctor Dr. Ravi Patel +919825813053
Online/Telephonic Consultation
200/-(per consultation)
Doctor Dr. Mujahid Qureshi +919711632400
Online/Telephonic Consultation
Doctor Dr. Ashish Anwikar +919226571846
Home Visit Consultation
24 hours
Within 5-6km 2000/-per visit per patient
Doctor Dr. Jigna Punyani (Homeopathy) +917020785085
Online/Telephonic Consultation (Homeopathy)
24 hours
Doctor Dr. Deepali Vaidya(Homeopathy) +919011680447
Online/Telephonic Consultation (Homeopathy)
Oxygen Sanket Sawant +917620609565
12L OXY Relief Cylinders
Oxygen Ravindra Borikar +919881200369
12L OXY Relief Cylinders (900/-)
Oxygen Nachiket Bhosle +919022961279
Oxygen Brajesh Manas +919096899332
Oxygen Gaurav Jaju +919371504740
Oxygen Bhushan Shah +919422039509
Oxygen Swapnil Sharma +917773910077
Oxygen Sargam Agrawal +919372805196
Oxygen Bhushan Meshram +919730474815
Oxygen Rajshree Bhaiya +917020792920
Only for sale. No rent.
Oxygen Rahul +919665423269
Oxygen Doctors on Click +919595306475
24 Hours Oxygen
Oxygen Nikhil +919689902094
Sakkardara Square
Oxygen Mohan Enterprises +919766916701
Oxygen Jubilee Gas +919579215159
MIDC, Wadi
Oxygen Ravi Lokhande +917722002345
Sidharth Gas Services, Indora Square, Nagpur
Oxygen Prakash Dodani, WARDHA +919226492185
May supply to Nagpur
Oxygen Naseeb +919373288083
Rukmini Metals Gas Plant, MIDC Wadi, Nagpur
Oxygen Munna Bhai Damani +919822921955
Dhamane Medicals, C Road, Nagpur
Oxygen Alok Pasine +919422818532
Alok Gas Agency, Tumsar
Oxygen Nana Bhau +919822715635
Donarkar Enterprises
Oxygen New Saraswati Enterprises +919823039389
Ravi Nagar
Oxygen Mygetwell stores +919422101035
Ramdaspeth Nagpur
Oxygen Ravi Sinha +919822472441
Bhartiya Medicare, Kamthee Road, Peeli Nadi
Oxygen Ranjeet +919922171654
Revati Metinocs, Sakkardara
Oxygen Sanjay +919890130745
National life gases, Shakkardaara, Nagpur
Oxygen Siddharth +919822925751
Misal Layout
Oxygen Sirin Gases +917122774544
CA Road
Oxygen Dr Zahoor +919423404904
Refilling options, no fresh cylinders
Oxygen Sourabh +919028492098
Oxygen Ravindra +919371850278
Oxygen Sunil +919422106522
Oxygen Naresh +919372723733
Oxygen Prithvi +919511251738
Oxygen Bhavesh Budhadeo
Megha Budhadeo
Oxygen Asif Patel +919325081652
Oxygen Dr Mohammed Zahoor Solanki +919423404904
Oxygen Dr A A Solanki +918668264280
Oxygen Mustafa Raza +919423406041
Oxygen Mohammed Hasnain +919823693971
Oxygen Nizamuddin +919422120933
Oxygen Mohammed Sameer +919423408086
Oxygen Mohammed Riyaz +919823165224
Oxygen Imran Khan +919823922966
Oxygen Naeem Bafati +919372975677
Oxygen Rehan Khan +919225238661
Oxygen Akbar Khan +917276038674
Food / Meals Aaswad Tiffin Services +917745846847
Area Serving : All of Nagpur
Food / Meals Rakesh Bahekar +919579224490
Area Serving : 5km Radius from Lokmat Square
Food / Meals Chetan Vyas - Maa Ki Rasoi +919920694272
Area Serving : West Nagpur
Food / Meals Anita Jain - Anita's Kitchen +918668235531
Area Serving : Anywhere in Nagpur
Food / Meals Avani Jain - Aaradhya Foods +919921821124
Area Serving : Nagpur District
Food / Meals Abhay - Mr Meal +919764636699
Area Serving : Nagpur District
Food / Meals Kaustubh Belsare - SK Kitchens +917972881260
Area Serving : 10km Radius from Manewada
Food / Meals Madhavi Fadnavis - Shreenath Foods +919325283628
Area Serving : 3km from Tatya Tope Nagar, Hingna T Point
Food / Meals Raghuveer Sharma - Riddhi Siddhi Foods +917385619466
Area Serving : 6km Radius from Dighori
Food / Meals Archana Masade Pande - Pandeji Services +919021789129
Area Serving : Pratap Nagar, Dharampeth, Bardi
Food / Meals Gouri Ghare - Gouri's Kitchen +917507055355
Area Serving : 7km Radius from Dhantoli
Food / Meals Ajita Atul Dorlikar - Eshan Foods +918530672200
Area Serving : 3km from Shivaji Nagar / Ramdaspeth (Delivery Charges extra beyond 3km)
Food / Meals Ritika Mulchandani - Homemade Khana +918805029180
Area Serving : 5km Radius from Friends Colony, Katol Road
Food / Meals Sheetal Snesar - Aanandam +917304574419
Area Serving : 10km Radius from Pratap Nagar
Food / Meals Subon Chatterjee - Urban Nukad +919356656210
Area Serving : Mate Square, Bajaj Nagar, Dharampeth, Ramdaspeth
Food / Meals Vaishali Deshpande - Godwa +919595801549
Area Serving : HB Estate Sonegaon
Food / Meals Tasty Boutique Sarika Munot +919422189347
Shreyans Munot +918275782982
Area Serving : 10km Radius from Wardhaman Nagar
Food / Meals Healthy Traditions +918329097874
Area Serving : All of Nagpur
Food / Meals The Klassic Kitchen +918698928474
Area Serving : 5km radius from Katol Road
Food / Meals The Baking Box Mickey Singh +919322389753
Area Serving : All of Nagpur
Free Service (Only for Needy & Helpless)
Sanitization Aditya Khekale +919960608760
Fogging / Sanitization Clean O Clean Sanjay Deshpande
for Home, Office, Car, Shop
Fogging / Sanitization Rosh Enterprises Rohan Karnik
for Home, Office, Car, Shop
Fogging / Sanitization Swami Samartha Facility Samar Singh
for Home, Office, Shop
Sanitization Total Cleaning Solutions Manoj Karnik
for Home, Office, Shop